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From the very start, in 2008, it was not an easy ride. M-3 Supplies was not a Multi-million Rand Company where anyone would fit it.


It was a rough stone of something that needed to be shaped, polished, cut, weighed and it’s still not finished.

So what’s our success?


We continue to evolve, We continue to re-shape and We continue to learn.


Jakub Boryna - Took the company over in 2008 from its founding member Mr Horst Muller.

Mmafusi Elsie Mollo - Joined the company in 2011 to head the procurement and client administration.

Anthony Miller - Joined in 2020 as a Business Development Manager with many years of experience behind him in this field.



We have built our company with people and we will remain a company about people.


As a customer to M-3 Mineral Mining and Metal Supplies cc you are more important than the order you place.

Clients first.

A Procurement Company with a Unique Personal Touch