About Us

We are a procurement company with almost 30 years of relationship building behind us. It was started by Mr Horst Muller around 1992,  formally known as Protonic 2000, later due to new partners and rebranding it was changed to what we are currently known as today. Mr Horst Muller passed away, late 2008, shortly after I took over the company and so the new chapter started to write itself. Sink or swim, find your feet or crawl forever, drift or discover, call it what you want but I had very little time to adjust to my new roll with my mentor not able to guide me or bounce ideas off.

Fast forward to 2019 we are still building new relationships and strengthening the oldest. Together with Mmafusi Elsie Mollo, my business partner since 2011, there is not much which can stop us. We have learnt may lessons from many people and survived tough times due to strikes, fraud and corruption. Our approach has been the same right from the start “ Be honest and fair “ this has carried us all the time.

Our clients are the most important assets to our business, we value their requirements, above all our personal needs. Our core clients are SibanyeGold, Impala Platinum, Goldfields, SibanyePlatinum, Lonmin and Ivanplats in DR Congo Kipushi project.

What do we supply. We are a importing and exporting company, we have relationships with some of the biggest OEM’s and distributers around the world and country. Let’s not forget the small family run business which supply fantastic products, not on a global scale, and not known to most people. We have met and partnered up with them to keep the supply of goods always available. In short, we supply Electrical, Electronic, IT equipment, Automation and CCTV equipment, but in a broad sense we supply whatever is need buy you client. We source the best product, at the best price with the shortest possible lead time.

Why us? Simply because you are important to us. This business has been built by the people we service daily, its a Family Business.